Hydraulic Filters: What You Need to Know About These Hydraulic Components in Minnesota

How much do you know about hydraulic components in Minnesota? Does your knowledge include the importance of hydraulic filters? Too often, this part gets overlooked. This is a costly mistake. As you work with hydraulic systems, keep in mind the following facts about hydraulic filters.

Hydraulic Filters Protect

A majority of hydraulic failures originate with hydraulic fluid contamination. This contamination works its way into the entire system and creates extensive damage. A hydraulic filter is your best defense against this contamination. It keeps debris localized and prevents it from contaminating the machinery. Use filters properly to protect your hydraulic system from failure.

Hydraulic Filters Must Be of High Quality

Since you rely on these hydraulic components in Minnesota to protect your system, it’s important to use only high-quality filters. Keep in mind that using a poor-quality filter is essentially the same as using no filter. In order to properly prevent contamination from damaging the hydraulic system, the filters must be built with quality materials and solid construction. Invest in top-quality filters to ensure optimal results.

Hydraulic Filters Must Be Changed

As with any type of filter for any type of machinery, hydraulic filters must be changed regularly. If they are not checked and changed as they should be, your hydraulic system will not be protected and could be destroyed. Check manufacturer guidelines for your machinery to determine how often the filter should be changed. They should also be changed if there has been a failure in the system, and when you replace hydraulic fluid.

Hydraulic Filters Save Money

While quality filters are an investment, they are well worth it. They provide several cost-saving benefits. First, the filter will extend the life of your equipment. By keeping the system free of contaminants, the machinery and the fluid will last longer. The proper functioning that results also increases the efficiency of the equipment. By properly maintaining the filters, you will also reduce maintenance and repair costs, as well as reduce the downtime you experience. Lastly, this essential hydraulic component in Minnesota will prevent common failures in the system. Overall, this part saves time, money and hassle.

Hydraulic Filters Vary

As you seek to take advantage of the benefits of hydraulic filters, keep in mind that not all filters are the same. There are several types. The most common include screen, magnetic and bag filters. Screen filters consist of small wires woven together to create a metallic cloth. The advantage of this style is specificity. The cloths can be made with a precise pore size based on what contaminants are expected in the system. A bag filter includes a cloth bag through which the hydraulic fluid passes. Contaminants are prevented from flowing through the bag. This type is a good choice to filter dirt and rust. Magnetic filters, meanwhile, are good for filtering metallic contaminants through the use of magnetically charged plates.

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