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Are you in the market for quality, industry-specific hydraulic and pneumatic components and services? Look no further than M&M Hydraulic Company! Our extensive hydraulic and pneumatic expertise covers various applications across numerous industries as one of Minnesota’s most reliable hydraulic repair shops

From industrial to agriculture and everything in between. Our team can provide reliable solutions that get your hydraulics working at peak performance. We understand each industry’s unique challenges and have developed cost-effective methods for delivering superior results – ensuring that our customer’s requirements are always efficiently met. Learn how we can serve several different industries.


Industries We Serve


M&M Hydraulic Company specializes in providing industrial equipment and solutions to help meet the needs of rubber industry workers. 

One of the most important components of any rubber production facility is its hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders. Hydraulic cylinders provide greater force than mechanical cylinders because they are filled with pressurized fluid, allowing for fast and precise operation. Pneumatic cylinders, on the other hand, use air pressure to control movement more accurately and efficiently. 

Rubber extrusion is the process of forcing rubber through a die to create long strands or sheets of rubber. This process requires high-powered hydraulic cylinders that can push the rubber with extreme force and accuracy over an extended period of time. M&M Hydraulic Company provides hydraulic cylinders specifically designed for this purpose, ensuring your production facility runs at peak efficiency. 


The plastic industry requires high-powered and precise cylinders for a wide range of operations. Hydraulic cylinders provide power for injection molding machines and the force necessary to form large sheets or strands of plastic into their desired shape. 

Pneumatic cylinders are used for more delicate tasks such as controlling movement within assembly lines and maintaining speed and accuracy within the production process. M&M Hydraulic Company offers a range of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders designed specifically for plastic processing, ensuring your facility runs at peak efficiency. 


The paper industry relies on hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders to help control the movement of raw materials, machinery, and finished products. Hydraulic cylinders are used to provide power and precision for paper-cutting machines, while pneumatic cylinders are used for more delicate operations such as moving paper from one stage of production to another without damaging it in the process.

M&M Hydraulic Company has a wide range of cylinders to suit the needs of any paper production facility. We have the components necessary for any operation, from high-force hydraulic cylinders to more delicate pneumatic cylinders


The steel industry relies heavily on hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders to provide power, speed, and precision to their production processes. Hydraulic cylinders are used to form raw materials into more refined shapes such as sheets or bars of steel. Pneumatic cylinders are essential components in helping control movement within the production process and ensuring accuracy and speed when necessary.

M&M Hydraulic Company offers a range of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders designed specifically for steel manufacturers. Our experienced technicians can help you find the right components to keep your facility running smoothly and efficiently. 


M&M Hydraulic Company understands why industrial professionals rely on these powerful components. For instance, hydraulic pumps provide controlled power to industrial machinery.

Moreover, the industrial industry relies heavily on hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders for many tasks, including lifting, lowering, jacking, or moving objects from one area to another. 

Hydraulic cylinders provide greater force than mechanical cylinders due to the pressurized fluid they contain, while pneumatic cylinders allow for precise control over movement thanks to air pressure. Both types of cylinders are essential components necessary for any industrial machining project.

M&M Hydraulic Company hydraulic cylinders


Modern-day agricultural equipment depends on hydraulic and pneumatic technology, allowing farmers and ranchers to increase efficiency while saving time and money. Hydraulic cylinders power tractors, harvesters, excavators, pumps, and other heavy machinery used on farms. Pneumatic cylinders are used for precision applications such as lifting heavy components or actuating valves with extreme accuracy. 


Hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder repair for different industries

The importance of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder parts to industrial operations cannot be understated. These essential components’ right customization, quality, strength, and durability will help your business perform optimally and efficiently. 

Our mission at M&M Hydraulic Co. is to provide customers with the best quality hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder services and products. We strive to help our customers and provide them with all their necessary pneumatic and hydraulic cylinder parts, repairs, and customization. 

Contact us today if you are seeking exceptional service for customized or replacement cylinder parts or repair services from your most trusted hydraulic repair shop.

Green energy

The green energy industry uses hydraulic cylinders to power its operations. Hydraulics are essential for many machines that produce renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, geothermal, and hydroelectric. These cylinders provide force for motion control and actuation when applying a pressure source. They help convert stored energy into usable mechanical force, allowing machinery to run. 


Hydraulics and pneumatics are commonly used in the medical industry for many functions. For example, they are often used to power precision medical instruments such as surgical tools. On the other hand,  pneumatics can also be used for medical machinery. Hydraulic cylinders are also essential to many medical devices, including beds and wheelchairs, which rely on their strength and reliability for safe operation. 


Robotics heavily relies on the use of hydraulics and pneumatics to drive various types of applications. Hydraulic cylinders are involved in almost every aspect of automation, from robotic arms to material handling systems. Pneumatics are used for multiple applications, including machine gripping, clamping, and positioning, and providing power for servo motors and linear actuators.

M&M Hydraulic Company robotics