Expert Hydraulic Services in MN and the Upper Midwest

M & M Hydraulic Company offers full-service hydraulic services in and around Fridley, MN, serving all of the upper Midwest. We are eager to assist with any hydraulic component repair, reaching as far as Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Iowa to ensure our customers receive the attention they deserve.

With more than 75 years of combined experience, the quality standards of our family-owned and operated company are unsurpassed by any other hydraulic machine shop in the area. Our seasoned professional technicians can handle all your hydraulic needs, inspecting hydraulic cylinder components and adapting our services to meet the unique needs of your project.

We offer expert mobile service, sending our technicians to your facility to diagnose equipment issues and perform the necessary repairs onsite. M & M Hydraulic Company considers it a privilege to work for you, and we are not satisfied until our customers are.

Contact us for an estimate and make M & M Hydraulic Company your first choice for all your hydraulic service needs.

Services We Offer

M & M Hydraulic Company offers all types and sizes of hydraulic cylinder repair, specializing in the overhaul and reconditioning of leading brands of hydraulic components, including power units, valves, motors, pumps, and pneumatic cylinders.

Our trained and certified technicians can efficiently handle hydraulic cylinder tear down and assembly (torque to 36,000 ft/lbs.), and we can hone hydraulic cylinders up to 12″ bore and 20′ stroke.

M & M Hydraulic Company can handle all your general machining, large welding, and fabricating needs. We offer the machining of barrels, pistons, chrome rods, heads, and other parts with individual machining jobs and prototyping services for various hydraulic applications. Our factory-trained technicians maintain facilities for hydraulic cylinder testing up to 9,000 PSI.
We can provide your company with custom-built hydraulic power units while adhering to all quality standards and meeting all OEM performance specifications. We also offer hydraulic hose and tubing made-to-order and hydraulic pump, motor, and valve rebuilding.

At M & M Hydraulic Company, we understand the importance of equipment reliability, which is why our team of professional technicians follows rigorous repair processes. Our expert field service team can assist in troubleshooting hydraulic systems and offer maintenance department consulting.

Whether you need help engineering a new system or updating an existing system, M & M Hydraulic Company can meet the demands of your project with prompt and courteous service.

Types of Cylinders We Repair

Our technicians are available when you need them, with Saturday appointments available upon request. We only used top-brand hydraulics from the following manufacturers:

  • Eaton Hydraulics
  • Char-Lynn
  • Nopak
  • Geartek
  • Hyvair
  • Denison Hydraulics

Some of the types of cylinders that M & M Hydraulic Company can repair include:

  • Tie Rod
    We offer unsurpassed repair service on pneumatic to hydraulic, light-duty to heavy-duty tie rod cylinders, commonly used in stamping, plastics, steel mill, and foundry industries.
  • Welded
    M & M Hydraulic Company can repair or replace welded cylinders, the best solution for medium to heavy-duty industrial applications, offering superior quality and durability.
  • Mill Duty
    We can repair or rebuild mill duty cylinders, paying close attention to the demands of the high-load piston design, chrome plated rods, and heavy wall tubing.
  • Hydraulic
    Our certified technicians can return your hydraulic cylinder to its original parameters or better, faster, and with higher quality than any other hydraulic shop in the area. M & M Hydraulic Company uses CNC machines, boring bills, radial arm drills, and more to ensure your hydraulic cylinder meets the required specifications.
  • Pneumatic
    We test all pneumatic cylinder rebuilds to their rated pressure, with test stands of 10,000 PSI, ensuring the pneumatic component is ready for use.
  • Custom Cylinders
    M & M Hydraulic Company offers custom cylinder repair and replacement to meet the needs of a broad range of industrial applications.

Common Damages to Hydraulic Components

Hydraulic components can withstand the wear and tear of regular use, typically able to perform efficiently even in harsh conditions. This durability allows our technicians to identify problem areas quickly since issues usually occur in a predictable pattern. Some of the most common damages that can occur to hydraulic components and how they play a role in the function of the hydraulic cylinders are listed below.

  • Insufficient Bearing Areas
    All hydraulic cylinders have bearing areas usually located at the piston and in the gland. These cylinders are designed to carry the torsional load transferred to them, and when the bearing area can no longer handle the pressure placed on the rod and piston seals, it can fail and deform, quickly leading to significant failures in the hydraulic mechanisms.
  • Ballooned Tubes
    As the name implies, ballooned tubes occur when hydraulic cylinder rods succumb to internal pressure that is too much for the material to handle, causing damaging expansion of the tube. When a ballooned tube bursts, it can cause immediate cylinder failure. Over time, the damage to a ballooned tube can destroy the piston seals, decreasing the cylinder's functioning capacity.
  • Pressure Increases
    In Minnesota, hydraulic components get consistently exposed to an internal pressure that needs constant monitoring for safety and optimum performance. The longevity of the hydraulic components depends on pressure determination. For example, when the pressure increases, it can become a safety hazard and threaten the proper functioning of the cylinder. High-pressure situations can result in ballooned tubes, backfiring, bursts, and more.
  • Bent Rods
    The most common damage to hydraulic cylinders is the issue of bent rods. They typically occur when the strength of the chrome rod cannot withstand the pressure and the column gives way. Bent rods can fail unexpectedly and need immediate replacement to ensure the continued performance of the hydraulic system. Before replacing the rod, the pressure must be measured to ensure the new system can handle the load without compromise.

Questions to Ask Hydraulic Repair Services Near Me

It makes sense to go local when seeking hydraulic repair services. Not only will you get peace of mind dealing with a shop you can trust, but you will have better accessibility and options for the maintenance or repair of your hydraulic components.

Here are a few questions to ask a local hydraulic repair service before trusting your equipment to them:

  1. Ask for referrals from legitimate sources that have used their services in the past. Talk directly with past customers, and do not rely on online reviews to make your decision about hiring a reputable provider.
  2. Question the response time for the average repair service. If you have to wait longer than anticipated, you could lose revenue while waiting to get your equipment back up and running.
  3. Ask about accessibility and the provider’s track record for arriving on time for scheduled service appointments.
  4. Question the company’s inventory policy to ensure they have parts in stock to repair hydraulic components and systems.
  5. Since hydraulics can be temperamental, it is good to know the company’s follow-up service protocol, so you are not left waiting for a technician to return to your facility in case of problems.

Contact Us for Your Hydraulic Repair Needs

M & M Hydraulic Company will go to any length to ensure our quality and services meet our customers’ requirements. Our professional technicians work hard to complete every project, offering hydraulic services to meet exact specifications. All cylinders, motors, and pumps rebuilt by M & M come with a six-month warranty for material defects and workmanship.

We are a member of the International Fluid Power Society (IFPS) and are ISO 9001:2015 certified. With more than 75 years of professional experience, you are dealing with the best in the business. Contact us for more information about the hydraulic services we offer in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Iowa. You can also contact us directly at (651) 635-9414.

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