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In municipalities, hydraulic systems play a key role in many important functions. M&M Hydraulic Company stands at the forefront of providing municipal hydraulic equipment and hydraulics repair services. With over 45 years of expertise, we are able to provide tailored services to the unique requirements of each and every municipal application. With a commitment to quality and efficiency, we have positioned ourselves as a trusted partner across the upper Midwest, including Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Iowa.

Expert Hydraulic Service and Repair

Hydraulic cylinders are vital components in municipal hydraulic equipment for a variety of tasks. Our skilled technicians are able to repair and rebuild all types of hydraulic cylinders. Our hydraulic repair services include:

Hydraulic cylinders are important parts of municipal hydraulic equipment. They are relied on for various tasks and must be maintained correctly to avoid downtime. Our skilled technicians, with over 75 years of experience are able to provide hydraulic repair services on:

  • Single-acting
  • Double-acting
  • Tie-rod
  • Welded rod
  • Mill duty

Each repair process involves a number of steps to ensure optimal performance and longevity. This includes detailed diagnostics, precision machining, and extensive testing.

Superior Hydraulic Hoses for Robust Applications

Hydraulic hoses face demanding conditions in municipal settings. We provide hydraulic hoses that are durable and offer the flexibility and resistance to high pressure and temperature that are required in municipal hydraulic equipment.

State-of-the-Art Hydraulic Tubing

Our hydraulic tubing is engineered to withstand the rigors of municipal use. They’re specifically designed to withstand high pressure and are available in a variety of materials like steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. The hydraulic tubing’s flexibility allows for easy installation in complex systems. They ensure seamless operation in diverse municipal settings. 

Customized Hydraulic Solutions for Municipal Needs

Our dedication to understanding your unique requirements and each piece of municipal hydraulic equipment allows us to offer more than just hydraulic service and repair. Our services include creating custom hydraulic power units, fabricating and welding, along with providing general machining. At M&M Hydraulic Company, we ensure every solution is tailored to your needs, whether upgrading your existing systems or developing bespoke ones for you.

Long-Term Reliability and Support

Beyond our immediate hydraulics repair services and municipal hydraulic equipment, we offer ongoing support and maintenance services. We have a goal in sight of providing long-term reliability and efficiency of your hydraulic systems. With our comprehensive knowledge, and can provide municipalities with reduced downtime, increased operational efficiency, and longer equipment lifespans. 

Choose M&M Hydraulic Company for Your Municipality Needs

We have an unwavering commitment to excellence here at M&M Hydraulic Company. We aim to innovate and improve all municipal hydraulic equipment by providing you with the necessary expertise and hydraulics repair services.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you in elevating the performance and reliability of your municipal hydraulic equipment.