M&M Hydraulic Co – Industrial

M & M Hydraulic Company is a leading provider of industrial hydraulic services, focusing on hydraulic systems found in the rugged environments of industrial and manufacturing facilities. We understand the rigors that these systems face on a daily basis, and our team of hydraulic mechanic professionals has the technical expertise to ensure the performance of your hydraulic machines is enough to handle your operations.

Hydraulic Repair Service for Industrial and Manufacturing Facilities

At M & M Hydraulic Company, we pride ourselves on being a top hydraulic repair service provider that serves our industrial clients across the upper Midwest and surrounding states. Our technicians and hydraulic mechanic experts are prepared to repair even the most complicated hydraulic systems, allowing your operations to continue without interruption.

We specialize in hydraulic cylinder repair, one of a system’s most crucial components. These are responsible for generating force in a linear motion, enabling a vast range of heavy-duty machines and equipment to function. These are predominantly used for pulling, pressing, pushing, or lifting a load with exceptional force.

Importance of repairing a hydraulic cylinder:

  • Keeps your operations running smoothly and efficiently
  • Prevents unexpected delays and costly replacements
  • Ensures safety for equipment operators
  • Saves money by extending the life of your hydraulic system

We can also repair various hydraulic cylinders: single-acting, double-acting, tie-rod, welded rod, and mill duty. Our comprehensive solutions allow us to fix these cylinders while guaranteeing reliability and durability, regardless of the harsh environments they’re exposed to.

Other Industrial Hydraulic Services We Offer

Apart from hydraulic cylinders, we can also provide other industrial hydraulic services with ease and confidence. Our goal is to fix the issues without shutting down your entire production, and our hydraulic repair service is designed for that exact purpose. Some of the other hydraulic services we offer include:

  • Hydraulic hoses: Superior-quality and robust hydraulic hoses will guarantee the flow of hydraulic fluids in your system.
  • Industrial hydraulic tubing: Industrial hydraulic tubing is specially developed to convey liquid while withstanding the demanding pressure and environmental conditions in industrial environments.
  • Fabrication and welding: Our industrial hydraulic services include fabricating and welding hydraulic components to ensure they meet the highest quality and performance standards.
  • Custom hydraulic power units: In systematic and heavy lifting, we understand that HPUs must be built based on your equipment and operation’s requirements. Our hydraulic mechanic experts will design and produce custom HPUs that meet your specifications.

Common Types of Hydraulic Equipment We Work On

Industrial settings have an extensive range of heavy-duty and complex machinery that relies on hydraulic systems, so we’ve ensured our industrial hydraulic services cover all of them. Some of the most common types of equipment we handle include:

  • Cranes
  • Presses
  • Forklifts
  • Excavators
  • Bulldozers
  • Agricultural machinery

Let M & M Hydraulic Company Repair Your Hydraulic Machines

With the growing need for reliable and effective long-term support, M & M Hydraulic Company has set itself apart with superb industrial hydraulic services. Our team is highly trained and experienced in handling varying hydraulic systems. We’re committed to providing cost-effective solutions prioritizing quality and safety, ensuring your production processes stay up and running without downtime.

Learn more about our services and product offerings when you contact us today. Speak to one of our team members, and we’ll give you a tailored solution based on your prerequisites and budget!