Top Four Reasons to Pursue a Fluid Power Career

Looking for a new career path or trying to decide which professional field to get into? Have you ever considered a job in hydraulics? In recent years, the need for individuals willing to work in technical fields has increased. While certain white-collar jobs are oversaturated with applicants, companies are having difficulty finding individuals who have skills in technical trades, like fluid power and hydraulic maintenance in Minnesota. There are many different positions you can pursue within the field of fluid power and hydraulics, from engineer to technician. Regardless of which role you choose to pursue, here are the top four reasons to pursue a fluid power career.


With the unemployment rate ever on the rise and people with over 20 years invested in a company being laid off, job security has become a number one priority for many Americans. So you’ll be happy to know that any position within the fluid power industry has an excellent outlook when it comes to job security. Fluid power is here to stay and, with fewer individuals seeking jobs in technical trades, there is a high demand for hydraulics professionals and not enough people to fill those roles.


The salary outlook for fluid power positions is also excellent. Whether you’re a technician or an engineer, you can expect to be well paid in this industry. In fact, nearly 75 percent of individuals in the hydraulic careers report that the potential for salary advancement is promising. Plus, the more you know within the industry and the more specialized your skill set becomes, the higher your salary potential grows.


If the idea of standing in one place day after day on a manufacturing line or being stuck behind a desk and on the phone from 9 to 5 makes you want to scream, we’re with you. For those seeking a more challenging career with constant opportunities to learn and grow, a career in fluid power is the way to go. This industry is changing and improving constantly, which means that there will always be new and exciting ways to challenge yourself.


Because fluid power is such a niche industry, you’re going to find that we are a pretty tight family of professionals. Professional relationships you make in the field of hydraulics will be your comrades for life. We depend on each other’s knowledge and expertise in this industry and, if that’s something that appeals to you, you’ll find that a career in fluid power will help you to grow your career and your professional circle.

If you are considering a career in fluid power, we’d like to meet you! At M & M Hydraulic Company, we specialize in hydraulic services and hydraulic maintenance in Minnesota and are always looking for skilled professionals to join our team. If you are looking for better pay, job security and an exciting career, we’d love to hear from you. To learn more about us and our services in hydraulic maintenance in Minnesota, give us a call today!

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