Choosing Pneumatic Components in Minnesota Based on Your Operating Environment

A pneumatic cylinder is an essential component in a variety of hydraulic systems. Although pneumatic technology has been around for quite a while, it has developed by leaps and bounds over the last several decades. As pneumatic technology becomes more sophisticated, it’s important that businesses ensure a suitable operating environment to promote the effective function of pneumatic cylinders. Making smart decisions about pneumatic cylinders based on the environment in which they will be operating is the most effective way to promote the longevity, reliability and efficiency of hydraulic equipment. Make sure you understand all of the various factors that affect the operation of your pneumatic components in Minnesota so that you can make the best possible choice for your specific circumstances:

  • Corrosion: In many industrial workplaces, corrosive elements are a concern. In corrosive environments, such as those with excessive humidity with the potential for salt spray, it’s essential that your cylinder be properly protected against damage. Your cylinder should be coated with corrosive-resistant spray, and you should have a stainless-steel piston rod. In some cases, it might be necessary to install scraper rings that scour residue from cylinders before corrosion sets in. If you’ve noticed corrosion with your existing equipment, it’s important to invest in replacement components to avoid mechanical failures.
  • Cleanliness: Although cleanliness is generally desired across industrial applications, it’s especially important for the food and beverage production industry. Pneumatic cylinders that are used in food and beverage production must be designed to minimize bacteria. It’s also important to choose a cylinder that can self-lubricate as a precaution against rust from frequent washing.
  • Temperature: If you’re using your pneumatic components in Minnesota at an operating temperature that’s beyond the standard range of -20°C to 80°C, you will need to look for specialized equipment that’s suitable for higher temperatures. If your operating temperatures are much lower than normal, you should invest in specialized sealing and lubricating products that are designed to optimize pneumatic components in Minnesota for extreme temperature operation.
  • Explosive hazards: Certain work environments deal with processes and components that can lead to explosions. In these cases, it’s essential to find products that are specifically designed and approved for use in explosive environments. Make sure to identify products that hold the certifications necessary to be used in environments where explosions are possible. High-quality products will promote safe, effective and consistent operation despite the environmental factors at play.

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