Fan Shaft Repair

When it comes to keeping massive commercial buildings comfortable, your HVAC contractor relies on various fan systems. These pieces of ventilation equipment help circulate air throughout the building and keep temperatures where people expect them in the summer months. When these industrial fans break down, the repair isn’t as simple as hitting a restart button — that’s where M&M Hydraulic Co can help.

Over our 40-year history, we’ve honed our craft at repairing and maintaining fan shafts for industrial and commercial fans with fast turnaround times of 2 to 3 days so businesses can continue providing comfort to HVAC Contractors while avoiding any disruption or downtime they’d otherwise experience during repairs.

Fan Shaft Repair

What is a Fan Shaft and How Does it Work

A fan shaft is a component of machinery used to transfer rotational power from one end to another. It consists of two parts: the drive section, which transfers power from the motor, and the driven section, which transmits it to the fan blade or other device that needs movement.

The system works by transferring energy from the motor to the driven section via a series of belts and pulleys on the shaft. This sets up a continuous cycle where one side turns while the other remains stationary. This also ensures that as long as power is available, either end can be used for motion.

Common Causes of Fan Shaft Damage

Fan shafts are a critical component of many fans. Unfortunately, they are also prone to damage for the following reasons:

  • Bearing Failure occurs when the bearing locks up or slips this causes the inner race to press on to the shaft. When the inner race slips on the shaft this can cause wear and damage.
  • Misalignment can occur when the fan blades or impellers aren’t properly aligned with the fan shaft causing excessive stress.
  • Excessive vibration tends to be caused by an imbalance in the system components, resulting in unnecessary wear and tear on the parts.
  • Improper lubrication and overloading can lead to overheating and eventual failure due to fatigue caused by too much strain on the metal components.

Fortunately, all these common causes of fan shaft damage can be avoided with proper maintenance and repair. Professional commercial fan shaft repair services at M&M Hydraulic Co can help restore the fan shaft to its original performance levels, ensuring it remains in proper working condition and extending its lifespan.

Commercial and industrial fan shaft repair services often use specialized tools and experienced technicians to identify the root cause of the failure and make the necessary repairs.

Industrial and commercial fan shaft repair at M&M Hydraulic Co.

If you’re looking for a reliable company that focuses on fast turnaround and can help you get your fan back up and running efficiently, M&M Hydraulic Co is your most trusted partner. Contact us today for a hassle-free industrial and commercial fan repair service.

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