Prevent Sluggish Hydraulic Oil By Installing a Hydraulic Tank Heater This Winter

It’s winter in the Midwest, which means freezing temperatures become the norm and all types of machinery begin to suffer the consequences. In particular, cold temperatures can wreak havoc on hydraulic systems and their pumps. Hydraulic oil will thicken if it’s too cold, resulting in rough startups and sluggish performance of the hydraulic system. This type of performance can shorten the life of your hydraulic pump, causing you to spend more on repairs or replacement of hydraulic components in Minnesota.

To combat the thickening of hydraulic oil, you can install a hydraulic fluid immersion heater, which will help keep oil at the optimal temperature and your system running smoothly. Before you go out to purchase one for your system, here’s what you need to know.

What is a hydraulic tank heater?

A hydraulic tank heater is a device installed inside your system’s hydraulic oil reservoir, or hydraulic tank. The heater is immersed in the hydraulic oil and heats the oil, either continuously or for a set amount of time using thermostat controls.

Hydraulic tank heaters are a better choice for hydraulic oil heating than other electric immersion heaters because they are designed with a low watt density. This helps prevent the hydraulic fluid and heater from being damaged. Other immersion heaters, such as heaters for water, have too high a heat density and can burn your hydraulic oil.

What size hydraulic tank heater you select will depend on a number of variables, such as the volume of oil to be heated, the hydraulic tank dimensions and capacity, what temperature you need to maintain, your available voltage and the temperature controls you require.

Benefits of hydraulic tank heaters

Check out the following four benefits of installing a hydraulic tank heater:

  • Prevents damage: The main benefit of installing a hydraulic tank heater is that it helps prevent fluid and system damage caused by the thickening of too-cold hydraulic oil. Continual rough startups and poor performance can shorten the lifespan of your hydraulic pump, forcing you to pay more to replace hydraulic components in Minnesota.
  • Adjustable thermostat controls: Different hydraulic tank heaters are designed with a number of thermostat controls that make it easy to reach optimal fluid temperature. If your hydraulic system shuts down at certain times or you need to heat your oil overnight, you can choose a heater model that has the right heating times and controls for you.
  • Weather-resistant enclosures: If you need to install a hydraulic tank heater on outdoor equipment, weather-resistant terminal enclosures are available to protect the heater and extend its lifespan.
  • Cost-effective: Hydraulic tank heaters are a cost-effective alternative to spending money on maintenance, repairs and downtime for your hydraulic system. A one-time purchase of a heater can save you money and keep your system running smoothly for many winter seasons to come.

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