Should Pneumatic Maintenance Be High on My List of Priorities?

Pneumatic systems can be found everywhere, especially in the industrial and manufacturing sectors, for the driving of automatic machines. These highly effective systems use compressed air to transmit and control energy. Despite their reputation for being highly reliable, durable and adaptable, pneumatic systems still can break down and require regular maintenance.

So, should pneumatic maintenance in Minnesota be high on your list of priorities? Well, that depends. Should safety, performance, efficiency and operating costs be high on your list of priorities? Because when you put your pneumatic maintenance on the back burner, you’re no longer taking these important considerations into account.

We understand that the daily maintenance concerns of any manufacturing or industrial operation can be overwhelming, and it’s important to know what needs to be a priority, but if you’re thinking your pneumatic system doesn’t need to be at the top of your maintenance checklist, think again. Below are just a few reasons why your pneumatic maintenance in Minnesota should be a top priority:

  • Safety of operations: Safety should always be your primary concern. Compressed air is a volatile element in your pneumatic system, and a faulty pneumatic system can prove to be highly dangerous to your employees. Excessive internal pressure caused by a system malfunction can build up in the system, causing hoses, joints and other components to explode, resulting in injuries to your employees and damage to the equipment and the surrounding area.
  • Performance and efficiency: Uneven moving speed, low accuracy and low loading are just a few of the challenges that occur when a pneumatic system is not properly maintained. Most pneumatic system failures result in general power losses that sometimes occur abruptly, but usually involve a slow loss of power. Poor performance from your pneumatic system not only means a lack of efficiency but a loss of money as well.
  • Costs: Finally, the cost of keeping up with regular pneumatic maintenance in Minnesota is nothing compared to the cost of repairs or, even worse, having to replace your pneumatic system. Contaminated air can cause unnecessary wear and corrosion of your system’s components, insufficient lubrication can result in system failure and leaks can even cause the system to explode. Regular maintenance can help you avoid the costs, not to mention the liabilities, of a system failure.

In the midst of busy daily operations, it can be easy to overlook the regular maintenance of your pneumatic system, especially since problems usually occur slowly over time. But just because you can’t see an issue doesn’t mean it’s not lurking right beneath the surface. If you want to ensure the safe operation, continued performance and controllable costs of your pneumatic system, then regular maintenance should definitely be at the top of your list of priorities.

If you don’t have the time or the expertise to perform the maintenance yourself, let M & M Hydraulic Company help. We offer pneumatic system repairs and pneumatic maintenance in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa and Wisconsin, and look forward to assisting you soon!

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