Six Preventative Spring Maintenance Tips for Your Hydraulic System

March 20th was the first day of spring and we all know what that means: spring cleaning! Well, maybe you don’t have plans for spring cleaning, but if your industry or facility makes significant use of hydraulic equipment, you should have plans for spring hydraulic maintenance.

Spring is the perfect time to look into some preventative maintenance for your hydraulic system. If you live in Minnesota or any of the other areas we service such as North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa or Wisconsin, then you already know what a toll the winter months can take on hydraulic equipment. That’s why we recommend doing some preventative maintenance on your hydraulic system once spring arrives. In fact, below are six tips to help you get started on your spring hydraulic maintenance in Minnesota:

  • Clean your reservoirs before changing the oil: Because the reservoir holds your hydraulic fluid, it’s important that you keep the reservoir clean. Every time you change your oil, make sure you completely drain the system and then wipe the reservoir clean with a lint-free cloth. A dirty reservoir can lead to oil breakdown, sludge and varnish.
  • Check your oil levels: This should go without saying, but sometimes it’s the simplest tasks that we are most likely to overlook. Check your machines to make sure they have enough fluid and refill them as needed. Be sure to follow manufacturer guidelines when it comes to filling the reservoir appropriately.
  • Test your oil: Besides checking your oil levels, you should also be testing the quality of the oil. Visually check for any discolorations or signs of contamination. Bad odors can also be a sign of poor quality oil. It’s smart to have the quality of your oil checked by a professional at least once a year, and spring is the perfect time to do that.
  • Check your filters: Again, checking your filters is something you should be doing regularly anyway, so it should definitely be part of your spring maintenance check. If contaminants are not properly filtered out of your hydraulic fluid, they can cause serious wear on your system, which can result in some costly repairs. Inspect your filters carefully during your spring maintenance check to see if they need replacing.
  • Check your hoses: Freezing temperatures can wreak havoc on your system’s hoses. Check your hoses, tubing and fittings for leaks, frays and other signs of damage. A damaged hose can negatively affect your system’s efficiency.
  • Check your system pressure: While your machine is running, check the pressure. Pressure differential gauges can be installed for easy monitoring to make sure your system’s pressure stays within the recommended range for your machines.

Spring is the perfect time to complete a preventative maintenance check on your system to ensure its ongoing performance and efficiency. If you’re looking for expert hydraulic maintenance in Minnesota, you can call on M & M Hydraulic Company anytime. We offer comprehensive maintenance checks for a wide range of hydraulic systems. Just give us a call today!

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