Three Important Tips Regarding Portable Filter Carts for Your Hydraulic Components in Minnesota

While not everyone has considered a portable filter cart for their hydraulic components in Minnesota, it is not a new idea. The concept was invented years ago as a way to clean hydraulic fluid in an offline application. To see if it can work well for your specialty, you can start by renting one from your local hydraulic repair and machine shop so you can learn how to use it without making a permanent commitment. Here are three good practices to remember if you decide to give the portable filter cart a try:

  • Use it correctly each time: Filter carts can be fussy, which is why workers often have a love/hate relationship with them. In order to assure they work best, you need to be a stickler for correct operating procedure. Use only parts intended for hydraulic systems and keep your hose system clean. The biggest complaint concerns multiple breakdowns, which are preventable through careful use.
  • Choose the correct filter: It is called a filter cart for a reason. The surface area of your filter will determine if it is appropriate for your application. Just as incorrect use can cause breakdowns, so can filters that stop working when they’re forced to take more than they are designed to handle. You will need to consider your work and the effect it has on the oil, so you can choose a filter that handles the debris often created by your projects. Filter carts often accommodate several types of filters, so this is one additional element you need to consider before choosing one for rental.
  • Know your required pressure differential: The pressure differential determines how much protection the filter requires from the elements exposed to it. As filters collect debris, the pressure will change. A relieving valve allows fluid to bypass the filter when pressures exceed a certain level in order to protect the filter from damage. On high pressure differentials, the valve may open too early, causing less fluid to be filtered. You will need to determine this tolerance based on your projects, and if you are uncertain, ask an expert, or you risk compromising your hydraulic equipment.

Filter carts work best for high-viscosity systems, as they allow fluid to be filtered in a place other than within the equipment, which is usually too valuable and expensive to risk damage resulting from bad fluid. However, filter carts also require skilled operation to assure that they do their job correctly and tools are not jammed up from excess debris. This could either be the best way you ever handled hydraulic fluid, or a disaster in the making. As mentioned above, it is often best to rent a portable filter cart first, before deciding whether it will be a permanent part of your shop.

To learn about portable filter carts and repair of hydraulic components in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa and Wisconsin, contact M & M Hydraulic Company to learn more about the equipment we have available for rental.

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