Why You Need Hydraulic Pump Repair in Minnesota

Without a functioning pump, your hydraulic equipment cannot operate. The fluid is the base of operations, and when joints and machinery do not get any of it, that is when you experience stuck lifts or equipment that stops midway through a job. Hydraulic pump repair in Minnesota arises from frantic circumstances, but most damage links to similar causes. Here are five reasons why you may find yourself in this situation:

  • Dirty filters: The filters in your hydraulic equipment are tougher and have a longer lifespan than oil filters in your car. They do not need to be changed on a set schedule, although if you have a busy quarter, they require attention more often. Regular maintenance reveals when filters need changing. However, we encounter shops that wait until filters are black with debris and then wonder why the pump systems no longer work. To avoid this, install a monitoring system which will indicate pressure drops associated with a dirty filter. Also, keep to your maintenance schedules, especially if your workload spikes.
  • No priming: Hydraulic fluid is not self-priming. If an impatient or inexperienced worker consistently skips the priming step, the startup process will not have proper lubrication. This decision places additional pressure on the pump that can damage the entire system. When training workers, emphasize that priming is not a waste of time—it is essential and considered time well spent.
  • Do-it-yourself attempts: You must admit your limitations and know when to call us. Hydraulic equipment is sensitive and your attempts to save money could end up costing you more. Filter installation and replacement is one example. On some equipment, the process of changing a filter is easily executed without calling in a professional. However, with heavy equipment, you are better off calling us in, since failure could result in serious complications, like worker injury.
  • Mishandling oil: Clean oil is essential to good operation. It normally does not get dirty because it is drawn from a protected reservoir. Changing the oil frequently and choosing the wrong type of oil often leads to failure. If you constantly notice dirty oil, there is something else going on and you need to call us in for repairs. The only time you need to change oil is when the additives stop working or the supply decreases. You will only notice these effects with an oil analysis. This is just another reason to stay current on maintenance and never assume you know all the answers. When in doubt, call in a specialist.
  • Lack of monitoring system: Since hydraulic pump needs depend on workload, there is usually no set schedule for when it requires service. A light winter followed by a busy summer will change maintenance needs. The best way to determine if there is an issue and avoid any of these miscalculations is by installing a monitoring system. It will indicate when there is a problem needing attention. Combining this with regular maintenance helps you discover problems before they lead to shutdown.

If you need hydraulic pump repair in Minnesota, M & M Hydraulic Company is here for you. Call us today to schedule repair or maintenance.

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