Cleaning Your Hydraulic System

Hydraulic systems are used in a number of industrial applications because they allow workers to leverage a substantially higher amount of power than would otherwise be possible. Hydraulic systems work by transferring force applied at one point to another place using a fluid that cannot be compressed. Typically, an oil-like fluid is put inside of a pipe connecting two pistons. The oil in the pipe allows force applied to one piston to be seamlessly transferred to the second piston. Keeping the oil-filled pipe clean is an extremely important part of keeping your hydraulic system running smoothly and effectively.

If you rely on hydraulic systems to perform your daily duties, you should seek out regular hydraulic maintenance in Minnesota. Without professional maintenance services and regular cleanings, your expensive hydraulic systems may need to be replaced prematurely. Ensure that you are making the most of your hydraulic system by having it routinely cleaned.

Each time that a hydraulic system is cleaned, great care must be taken to ensure that no contaminants enter the delicate machinery that makes hydraulic action possible. The best way to clean your system is to take it in for professional assistance during an appointment for hydraulic maintenance in Minnesota. Here are some of the steps involved with cleaning a hydraulics system:

  • Drain the system: While the fluid is at operating temperature, you should begin draining all of it out of your hydraulics system. Be sure to double check all lines and cylinders for any fluid accumulation that may have occurred. Ensure that the system is fluid-free.
  • Clean the reservoir: Ensure that the fluid reservoir is completely cleaned out by taking a lint-free rag and removing all evidence of sludge and other types of deposits. Don’t forget to remove any softened or loose paint that may have begun to peel.
  • Fill with a flushing fluid: Fill the reservoir completely with a lower viscosity fluid than what you would typically use to operate your system. Continue flushing the fluid through the system until the desired level of cleanliness is reached throughout the system.
  • Replace the filters: While the flushing fluid is as hot as possible, drain it completely out of your hydraulics system. Once this is complete, replace all of the system’s filters, and clean the reservoir once more with a fresh, lint-free cloth. Be sure to clean completely.

The best way to reliably clean your hydraulic system is to schedule an appointment for hydraulic maintenance in Minnesota. With professional assistance, you can rest easy knowing that your system has been properly cleaned.

For more than four decades, M & M Hydraulic Company has been the premier source of hydraulic maintenance in Minnesota. You can count on us to deliver prompt and professional services to all of the hydraulic systems that you regularly rely on. We are proud to be the Upper Midwest’s foremost authority on hydraulic and pneumatic maintenance and repair. If your system is in need of repair or routine cleaning and maintenance, contact one of our helpful service representatives today to learn more about our extensive service offerings.

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