Six Ways to Perform Preventative Hydraulic Maintenance in Minnesota

You properly maintain all aspects of your car to ensure that it runs smooth at all times, right? You hopefully check and change the oil before it starts to get old. You make sure your tires are inflated. You may even take it in to a mechanic periodically to have an expert give it a checkup. The list of preventative maintenance tasks you perform your car goes on and on. You do these tasks to ensure it’s running smoothly and so that you don’t need to take it in for emergency repairs.

In this way, your hydraulic systems are a lot like your car—they need to have regular preventative hydraulic maintenance in Minnesota to ensure that they work properly and don’t require expensive repairs. Here are some key maintenance tips and procedures to keep in mind:

  • Keep contaminants out of the system: Nothing causes a hydraulic system breakdown faster than dirt and grime accumulation. Thoroughly clean the area around the dipstick as often as you can, and always keep fluid containers sealed when you’re not using them. When you need to add fluid, make sure you pour the fluid directly from the container into the system.
  • Change the fluid and filter every 50 hours: Your hydraulic system is just like your car—it needs regular fluid changes to keep it working properly. Fluid changes not only ensure that the system will operate smoothly; it’ll also decrease the chances of the fluid becoming contaminated with particles and breaking down.
  • Check the fluid temperature during operation: The last thing you want is for your system to overheat while you’re using it. To make sure that doesn’t happen, you should always keep an eye on the temperature gauges to make sure the fluid temperature is at a safe level.
  • Check the oil before each use: This is the easiest task of all. Before you use your equipment, take a second to make sure that the oil level is correct and that the oil doesn’t look foamy or milky. Strange looking oil could be an indication of an air leak, which could be an expensive repair if it’s left untreated.
  • Listen for pump problems: If you hear strange noises or rattles while your system is in operation, you could have a serious problem with your hydraulic system. A pump problem will not only be expensive; it’ll also keep you out of business for a period of time. Using your ears to hear problems in the system before they get worse is a great form of preventative hydraulic maintenance in Minnesota.
  • Keep cylinders and motors clean: Just like your hydraulic fluid system, the cylinders and motors in your machine need to be kept clean at all times. It only takes a little bit of dirt to damage your system.

As the old saying goes, prevention is the best cure—it’s true for our bodies, our cars and our hydraulic systems! Before you need an expensive cure in the form of repairs to your hydraulic system, contact M & M Hydraulic Company today for preventative hydraulic maintenance in Minnesota.

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